The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo

Waterloo (Sharpe's Adventures, No. 11) by Bernard Cornwell

 This excerpt of the book describes the battle for the Crossroads that connected the British Army to the Prussian Army. Napoleon attacked and defeated the Prussians then turned to face the British at Waterloo two days later.

This selection serves as an introduction to this fine book. Purchase the book or Audiobook on Audible.

 About the book-

June 1815: The Duke of Wellington, the Prince of Orange, and Napoleon will meet on the battlefield--and decide the fate of Europe

With the emperor Napoleon at its head, an enormous French army is marching toward Brussels. The British and their allies are also converging on Brussels--in preparation for a grand society ball. It is up to Richard Sharpe to convince the Prince of Orange, the inexperienced commander of Wellington's Dutch troops, to act before it is too late. But Sharpe's warning cannot stop the tide of battle, and the British suffer heavy losses on the road to Waterloo.

Wellington has few reserves of men and ammunition; the Prussian army has not arrived; and the French advance wields tremendous firepower and determination. Victory seems impossible.

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