Rise of the Fourth Reich. Trials and Executions. Nuremberg 2.0. Steve Deace, Julie Kelly.

Rise of the Fourth Reich. Trials and Executions. Nuremberg 2.0. Steve Deace, Julie Kelly.

Steve Deace Show

Rise of the Fourth Reich: Opening Argument | Guest: Julie Kelly | 8/11/22

 Aug 11 2022  

Steve reads the opening argument of his new book, "Rise of the Fourth Reich." In Hour Two, Julie Kelly from American Greatness joins the program to discuss how the Mar-a-Lago raid fits in with other recent Department of Justice screw-ups.



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About the Book-

Rise of the Fourth Reich. Confronting COVID Fascism With a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again. By Steve Deace and Daniel Horowitz.


COVID-19 fascism was the worst tyranny in American history, and those responsible must be held accountable so nothing like it ever happens again.

COVID-19 was used to launch the worst tyranny in American history, which we’re still facing even now. It was also the worst oppression in global history since the Third Reich. Just as that evil required a reckoning at Nuremberg, this one does as well. In this Nuremberg 2.0, we call witnesses that our elected representatives and law enforcement agents need to hear from in order to know the full extent of the evil, and who is responsible for it—so that this never happens again.

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