Leftist Kangaroo Courts Against the Jan. 6 Defendants. Also- Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D’Souza, Sean Hannity.

Leftist Kangaroo Courts Against the Jan. 6 Defendants. Also- Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D’Souza, Sean Hannity.

  • Just How Rigged is the System Against the Jan. 6 Defendants?
  • Tucker uncovers Eric Swalwel's Extensive Corruption
  • Students as Young as 11 Years Old Vaccinated in School Secretly
  • George Soros and Bill Gates Take Over Virus Testing Company
  • Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci has a 'self interest' in hiding what happened in Wuhan
  • Hannity gives Biden 'scorching' six month report card


Just How Rigged is the System Against the Jan. 6 Defendants?


Dinesh D'Souza

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The sentencing of Paul Hodgkins is a window into the face of American injustice. The problem isn't just the Biden DOJ; it's also Obama appointed judges who are willing to destroy the lives of working-class people for the sole offense of being Trump supporters. — Dinesh D'Souza is an author and filmmaker. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he was a senior domestic policy analyst in the Reagan administration. He also served as a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He is the author of many bestselling books, including "Illiberal Education," "What's So Great About Christianity," "America: Imagine a World Without Her," "The Roots of Obama's Rage," "Death of a Nation," and "United States of Socialism." His documentary films "2016: Obama's America," "America," "Hillary's America," "Death of a Nation," and "Trump Card" are among the highest-grossing political documentaries of all time. He and his wife Debbie are also executive producers of the acclaimed feature film "Infidel." — Want to connect with Dinesh D'Souza online for more hard-hitting analysis of current events in America? Here’s how: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dsouzadinesh Twitter: https://twitter.com/dineshdsouza Rumble: https://rumble.com/dineshdsouza Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dineshjdsouza Email: http://www.dineshdsouza.com/email/


George Soros and Bill Gates Take Over Virus Testing Company | Facts Matter



Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

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🚨 ANNOUNCEMENT: No censorship! We’ve launched a new video platform called EPOCH TV 👉 https://ept.ms/3xVsr7v Resources: 🔥 Epoch TV: https://ept.ms/3xVsr7v 🔵Sekur: https://ept.ms/3yW0Wul 🔵 Pennsylvania: https://ept.ms/36RFf2p 🔵 Washington DC: https://ept.ms/3hVogCz 🔵 Soros Company Takeover: https://ept.ms/2TrDg1D 🔵 Open Society Statement: https://ept.ms/3rvdA0D ------------------ Content: 00:00 - Intro 01:38 - Pennsylvania 07:30 - Sekur 09:14 - Washington DC 13:30 - Soros 18:16 - Epoch TV ------------------ ️ Try #EpochTV 👉 https://ept.ms/3xVsr7v ️ Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and stay in touch 👉 https://ept.ms/3wWdBwe ️ Subscribe for updates: https://ept.ms/2Tu9clR ️ Follow on INSTAGRAM 👉 https://ept.ms/2VW5HST ------------------ 🔔For more news and videos visit: https://www.theepochtimes.com/c-facts... 🔔Get real news other media outlets don’t report: https://bit.ly/EpochNews1 - Support us: https://donorbox.org/facts_matter Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/FactsMatter_Roman - Contact us: FactsMatterRoman@gmail.com - Parler: https://parler.com/profile/FactsMatte... Gab: https://gab.com/factsmatterroman Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactsMatterRB Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epoch.times... Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/FactsMatterWithR... ------------------ #Soros ------------------ George Soros and Bill Gates Backed Organization Buys Out Virus Testing Company | Facts Matter


Sen. Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci has a 'self interest' in hiding what happened in Wuhan


Fox News

Kentucky Republican slams Dr. Anthony Fauci and explains gain-of-function research on 'The Story' #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vaBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: http://video.foxnews.com Watch Fox News Channel Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most-watched television news channel for 18 consecutive years. According to a 2020 Brand Keys Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index report, FOX News is the top brand in the country for morning and evening news coverage. A 2019 Suffolk University poll named FOX News as the most trusted source for television news or commentary, while a 2019 Brand Keys Emotion Engagement Analysis survey found that FOX News was the most trusted cable news brand. A 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation survey also found that among Americans who could name an objective news source, FOX News was the top-cited outlet. Owned by FOX Corporation, FNC is available in nearly 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre. Watch full episodes of your favorite shows The Five: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/lon... Special Report with Bret Baier: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/lon... Fox News Primetime: https://video.foxnews.com/playlist/on... Tucker Carlson Tonight: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/lon... Hannity: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/lon... The Ingraham Angle: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/lon... Fox News @ Night: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/lon... Follow Fox News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/ Follow Fox News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoxNews/ Follow Fox News on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxnews/


Tucker uncovers Eric Swalwel's 'suspicious' campaign expenditures


Fox News

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host takes a deeper look into the California Democrat's use of campaign funds.



Hannity gives Biden 'scorching' six month report card


Fox News

'Hannity' host gives Biden F's across the board for the president's performance




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