Larry Elder- George Floyd and Black Crime Stats.

Larry Elder- George Floyd and Crime Stats.


Larry Elder | George Floyd

Sean Giordano

Larry touches on George Floyd a bit this first hour -- he does more so the next hour. The woman in the park calling police on a "black man is discussed a bit as well (hint: she is a Democrat). Some historical real racism is shown vs. what others are saying is racism today. ALSO, see this article: Bombshell: Klobuchar Could Have Prosecuted Officer at Center of George Floyd Death, Refused ( I will be working on some more uploads... but Larry Elder has his own channel ( where he has uploaded some great portions of the issue. Here are two examples: There Is Zero Tolerance For Racism Against Blacks In America ( Mac Donald: George Floyd’s Death Is Not Representative ( _________________________________ Listen To Larry on The Answer (870AM) from 6-9pm || For more clear thinking like this from Larry Elder... I invite you to visit: || Also visit his Twitter page ( ---------- Larry Elder has his own YouTube Channel ( as well as EPOCH TIMES: ---------- Donate to these two wonderful causes: | and |


Crime Stats via Larry Elder

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