John Stossel. Cancelled in the WOKEplace, Progressive “Paradise”, Activists Seize Newsrooms, Defund the Police Unions, Vaccine Sooner!

John Stossel. Cancelled in the WOKEplace, Progressive "Paradise", Activists Seize Newsrooms, Defund the Police Unions, Vaccine Sooner!

Cancelled in the WOKEplace-

John Stossel

Angry mobs have threatened people throughout history. But now there’s a new kind: online mobs. --- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV, sign up here: --- Repeatedly outraged, and vicious--their goal is to get people fired. They are good at it. An analyst at a democratic polling firm tweeted about a study that concluded “… riots reduce the share of democratic votes.” Quickly, an online mob rallied with complaints. One tagged the CEO of Civis Analytics, telling him to, "Come get your boy.” "Within days, this … guy was let go from the position,” says Robby Soave, author of "Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump." “So all this young man does is tweet an article that's obviously true, and he gets fired?” asks Stossel. “Why are they winning? Their argument is ridiculous.” “Because people are afraid to challenge them. It just takes one employee at one company, to say, ‘Here's the law that protects my rights to feel safe and comfortable … If you're not making me feel safe … I'm going to get you in trouble. I might even sue you,’” Soave explains. So “cancel culture” grows. In England, a tax specialist lost her job for saying being female is a biological fact. When Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling defended her, tweeting, “Force women out of their jobs for stating sex is real?” the mob came for Rowling. They called her transphobic, said her tweet was “cruel and inaccurate.” Some staff at her publisher refused to work on her upcoming book. But Rowling is the rare person popular enough to be able to resist the mob. Her publisher stood up for her saying, “freedom of speech is the cornerstone of publishing.” That’s how all these cases should be handled. “We just have to speak up,” says Soave. That can be hard in the current “cancel culture.” But those of us who can speak up, should.


Progressive "Paradise"-

John Stossel

Minneapolis did most everything progressives wanted -- but the city still had racist cops, and violent riots after they killed George Floyd. --- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up here: --- Minneapolis burned even though it adopted most every "progressive" idea: a $15 minimum wage, housing subsidies, mandatory paid leave, "green" targets, strong unions, and the most expensive school system in the state. Did they at least reduce the racial income gap? Minneapolis’ black/white income disparity is about the biggest in the country. That confuses the media. “Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind,” reads a headline in the Washington Post. Instead of “but," the word should be: “therefore.” Because as Minnesota Senate candidate Jason Lewis points out: "When you take away the incentive for work and savings and investment, you get less of it." But Minneapolis politicians say they just need even more government. And even less free enterprise! "Capitalism as we know it" must go!... says councilman Cam Gordon. In the video above, we debate.


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!-

John Stossel

This 4th of July, when you watch the fireworks, will you think about the Declaration of Independence? We should. After all, the holiday is meant to honor the Declaration. It, and the Constitution it led to, help keep us free. --- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV, sign up here: --- Compare America to Britain, the country we broke away from. There, they sentenced a man to more than a year in jail for making a Facebook live video outside a courthouse. Getting locked up for something you write on social media is also common; hundreds get arrested for that in Britain every year. Fortunately, in America, thanks to First Amendment, we can say most anything without being jailed. We also have a right to bear arms. Not in Britain, which has some of the strictest gun regulations in the world. Of course, there’s more to the Constitution than the 1st and 2nd Amendments. The Constitution divided government power in ways that limit authoritarian politicians from both parties. Trump’s own Supreme Court appointee ruled that a law making it easier to deport some immigrants was unconstitutionally vague. The Supreme Court stopped President Obama 96 times. The Constitution has failed in some ways. It accepted slavery. Although Thomas Jefferson promised "a wise and frugal government," the Constitution didn't stop our politicians from running up $25 trillion in debt. It didn't stop our government from passing 180,000 pages of rules. Still, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have helped keep us free. That’s what John Stossel will celebrate this 4th of July.


Activists Seize Newsrooms-

John Stossel

Political activists have started to take over newsrooms, forcing out people who hold “offensive” opinions. Where is all the intolerance coming from? ---- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up here: - ---- At the New York Times, head opinion editor James Bennett resigned for committing the sin of running an op-ed by a Republican senator, which said the military should help control riots. Bennett resigned after his colleagues took to Twitter and eerily all posted this exact same wording: "Running this puts Black @NYTimes staffers in danger." "That language spoke to a potential legal concern,” says Robby Soave, author of "Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump". "Various workplace harassment protections that are well-intended,” says Soave, lead activists to say, "if you have a responsibility to have a racially hospitable climate in the workplace, then how can you allow someone to say something that offends me?'" I point out: "But [Cotton's op-ed] didn't put their lives in danger." "No it didn't," he responds. "It's absurd, and they're only claiming it because that's their way -- that's their tactic for seizing power in the workplace." Soave also says he knows where they learned this tactic, on college campuses. He covered the incident in 2016 where dozens of Yale students surrounded a professor and shouted at him, calling for him to be fired. What had he done? He defended his wife for sending out an email to students saying she had no business censoring Halloween costumes -- even ones that represented people from other cultures. "The message that you sent proclaiming that cultural appropriation on Halloween is totally permissible is, is hurtful!” shouted one student. Others broke into tears. One refused to shake the professor's hand, shouting, "I want your job to be taken from you!" It was. He had to resign as the head of a Yale residential house. His wife did, too, and she also quit teaching. Now those former students have graduated, and many are using the same tactics in the workforce, especially in the news media. Watch the video above for more on how they're changing journalism.


Defund the Police Unions-

John Stossel

Why are incidents of police abuse so common? One reason: Police unions protect the worst cops from being fired. ---- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up here: - --- Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed George Floyd, had 18 complaints against him. But he was still on the job. Sometimes, police chiefs know someone is a bad cop... but they still can't fire the person. One officer hit a woman at a parade. Another challenged arrestees to fights, several times. Police departments tried to fire those cops, only to be forced to hire them back after the officers' unions sued. Most of the police violence against protesters seen in recent weeks took place in places where cops have generous union contracts. I interview Larry Cosme, head of America’s biggest law enforcement association. He points out that cops have difficult and dangerous jobs. He argues that officers deserve union protections. Watch the video above for our debate.


Vaccine Sooner!-

John Stossel

Promising COVID-19 vaccines are being tested, but how long will it be before we can get them? ---- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV, sign up here: —— Vaccines take time to test. Researchers first give a vaccine to some test subjects, while giving others a placebo (a fake.) Then the researchers have to wait as test subjects go out into the world, resume their normal lives, and see who catches the virus. Some test subjects will get sick, and some won't. But it takes a long time (months, if not years) for enough test subjects to get sick to determine if the people with the vaccine did better than the ones given the fake dose. That's why we hear it'll be "12-18 months" before a vaccine is available. Even President Trump, with his "warp speed" plan, says he hopes it'll be ready "by the end of the year." That's 6 months away. But there is a faster way! Instead of waiting for test subjects to get infected, intentionally infect some. Then researchers wouldn't have to wait. More than 24,000 volunteers have already signed up, saying they're willing to be voluntarily infected with COVID-19 to find a vaccine faster. They told me things like: -- "If a vaccine were come on just one month earlier, it'd save 220,000 lives." -- "I'm young and healthy, so the risks for me are relatively low." -- "I want to play any role I can in ending this crisis." -- "I have no hesitation, no second thoughts, because I understand the science." They'd be part of what's called a "human challenge trial" because participants are "challenged" with the virus. The method was used to find vaccines for diseases like Malaria, Cholera, and the flu. Some bioethicists urge researchers to slow down, saying it's wrong to voluntarily infect people with a disease that has no known cure. But I say: these volunteers are adults who know the risks! Let people make their own choices. The volunteers may save thousands of lives .





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