John Stossel- 5 Socialism Myths, Thomas Sowell, Peter Schiff- Everything is Going to Get Wiped Out. EVERYTHING

John Stossel- 5 Socialism Myths, Thomas Sowell, Peter Schiff- Everything is Going to Get Wiped Out. EVERYTHING

John Stossel

  • 5 Socialism Myths Thomas Sowell vs The Left
  • Teachers Unions vs Students
  • Covid Hypocrites
  • Peter Schiff. Everything Is Going To Get Wiped Out. EVERYTHING.

5 Socialism Myths: Part 1

John Stossel

Socialism is now as popular as capitalism among young people. That’s because they are being told nonsense. So in this video (and the next) we’ll debunk socialism myths. ---- Don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV. Sign up here:​ ---- After the fall of the Soviet Union, I thought everybody would realize that socialism brings misery. But no, “intellectuals” like Professor Noam Chomsky convinced many that it was capitalism that was “a grotesque catastrophe,” and “The Soviet Union … was about as remote from socialism as you could imagine.” But that’s ridiculous. Economist Benjamin Powell explains that when the Soviets made private business illegal, “that’s about as close as the world ever saw to the purest socialist end of the spectrum.” That’s “Myth 1”. Whenever socialism fails people always say, “but that wasn’t ‘real’ socialism.” In this video (and our next) we debunk 5 ridiculous myths about socialism.

5 Socialism Myths: Part 2

John Stossel

Many young people love socialism. They don’t like capitalism. They don’t notice what capitalism give them. They protest in Nikes, and tweet about it from their iPhones. In this video, I continue where I left off in my last video, and debunk more myths about socialism. The first 2 socialist myths are here:​ ---- Don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV. Sign up here:​ ---- Myth #3: Socialism brings good things if it’s DEMOCRATIC socialism. “Democratic socialists believe both the government and the economy should be run by the people by way of the ballot box,” says Van Jones approvingly on CNN. By the ballot box—that’s how Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez took power. “They can start off democratically elected [but] once they centralize control over the economy, it becomes impossible to democratically unelect them,” explains economist Benjamin Powell. “Now democracy in Venezuela is a sham.” Socialism ALWAYS ends up authoritarian. We explain why in the video above.

Thomas Sowell vs The Left

John Stossel

After last summer’s BLM protests, “experts” declared what America must do for black people: “reparations!", "abolish policing!", “socialism!” These are AWFUL ideas that will hurt blacks, says economist Thomas Sowell. ---- Don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV. Sign up here:​ —— Sowell is brilliant and courageous. An upcoming Free To Choose film about him, "Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World,” highlights Sowell's incredible life story, and his reasons for opposing big-government policies. Sowell grew up as an orphan in NYC, where he educated himself by reading. He became a Marxist. But that changed when he worked in government and studied economics. "I was a summer intern at the U.S. Department of Labor," he explains. "One of my biggest concerns was about minimum wages. At first, I thought 'well this is good because all these people are poor, and they’ll get a little higher income.'" “Then as I studied economics, I began to see, well, there’s a downside-- they may lose their jobs," he adds. The Department of Labor didn't appreciate that point of view. Ending the minimum wage would take away their power. "I realized the U.S. Department of Labor had its own agenda and interests," he says. Now, at age 90, he still educates about free markets & race-blind policies. He says today’s complaints about America's “systemic racism” are “propaganda". "If you go back into the ‘20s, you find that married-couple families were much more prevalent among blacks then ... As late as 1930, blacks have lower unemployment rates than whites," he points out. More of his excellent points are in the video above.

Teachers Unions vs Students

John Stossel

In the last year, teachers unions showed their true colors, as they placed their own interests ahead of both science and students. ---- Don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV. Sign up here:​ ---- Teachers unions claim Covid makes schools too dangerous for teachers. That may be true for elderly teachers, but overall, reopening schools is safe. "If we look around the world, 191 countries, there is no consistent link between reopening schools and increased rates of Covid transmission," Heritage Education researcher Lindsey Burke points out. Schools are rarely Covid hotspots. "But it's logical that they would be,” I push back. “The kids are bunched together!" Burke responds: positivity rates in schools are generally below those in the broader community." Studies on tens of thousands of people in the United States do find that closing schools made no difference as far as Covid. Closed schools hurt students, especially poorer kids, because they can’t afford the alternatives available to the privileged. California closed government-run schools, while governor Gavin Newsom sent his kids to a private school that’s open. Why do unions support closures that hurt students, and won't make people safer? It's about money and power. In Oregon, the state teachers union even blocked students from transferring to virtual charters -- schools that pose no Covid risk. We asked the Oregon Education Association -- and twenty other unions -- to respond to these criticisms. None would. The unions are winning. Nice for them, but it’s a big loss for students, parents, and taxpayers.

Covid Hypocrites

John Stossel

Hypocrites! President Biden, Governor Newsom, Mayor DeBlasio, Governor Tate Reeves. In this video, I show how they cheat on their own Covid rules. ---- Don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV. Sign up here:​ ---- Just hours after signing an Executive Order requiring masks on federal property, President Joe Biden broke his new rule. California governor Gavin Newsom went to a “friend's" birthday party at a restaurant serving $800 plates. His friend turns out to be a big time lobbyist. My mayor, Bill DeBlasio, danced in Times Square. Normal people had to stay home. Republican governor Tate Reeves, of Mississippi, hosted three Christmas parties that broke his state's guidance. When confronted, he said his party hosting "allows us to really send a message to the people of Mississippi that you can return to a life that is somewhat normal." But it seems that life can return to normal only if you’re a politician. Those four cases are just a sample of politicians’ hypocrisy. The video above includes more.


Peter Schiff. Everything Is Going To Get Wiped Out. EVERYTHING.

CFN - Compact Financial News DAILY

▶︎ Subscribe NOW to the channel, click here:​ Peter David Schiff (born March 23, 1963) is an American stock broker, financial commentator, and radio personality. He is CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., a broker-dealer based in Westport, Connecticut. He is also involved in various roles in other financial services companies, including Euro Pacific Asset Management, an independent investment advisor, Schiff Gold (formerly Euro Pacific Precious Metals), a precious metals dealer, and Euro Pacific Bank, a full-reserve bank.​ ____________________ Video content: Peter Schiff, Restart, reset, the big reset, banks USA, savings banks USA, economy USA, finance USA, money USA, capital USA, stocks USA, stock exchange USA, real estate USA, politics USA, media USA, gold, gold coins, silver, precious metals, bitcoin , Cryptocurrency, currency crisis, currency reform, financial community, financial policy, financial market, banks, financial crash, euro crash, bank crash, investment, euro crisis, economic crisis, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, inflation, credit, insolvency, profit, system change, reset, crash, finance, finance, money , Trade, goods market, means of payment, securities, cash, bank balances, claims, debt capital, interest, liabilities, purchasing power, central banks, ECB, precious metals, expropriation, system change, stock market trend, success channel, company, state, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Larry Page, finance, crash, cash, microstrategy, Michael Saylor, gold, central banks, currency, economy, government, politics, stocks, assets, real estate, money, future, inflation , Recession, Technology, Asset Advisor, Finance, Crash, Cash, Microstrategy, Bitcoin, BTC, cryptocurrency, gold, central banks, currency, economy, government, politics, money print, assets, stocks, ethereum, fortune, investment, PayPal, stock market, real estate, money, future, inflation, recession, technology ____________________ #peterschiff#2021#totalslump#expropriation#impoverishment#powerquake#restart#reset#financecommunity#stockexchange#corona#inflation#preciousmetals#finance#financepolitic#banks#financecrash#warrenbuffett#billgates#jeffbezos#elonmusk#markzuckerberg#gold#economy#money#economiccrisis#broke#credit#inflation#purchasingpower#systemchange#crisis#crash#trump#marketing#affiliate#affiliatemarketing#contentmarketing#insolvency#profit#bitcoin#Cryptocurrency#silver#politics#media#successchannel#stockmarket#stocks

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