How Digital Dictators Plan to Kill Free Speech- Glenn Beck. Also Please Call Georgia Gov. Kemp. Lets light Him Up!

How Digital Dictators Plan to Kill Free Speech- Glenn Beck


Calling all ACU listeners to contact Georgia Governor Kemp. Lets Light him up!

Governor Kemps Phone Number- (404) 656-1776.






Sample Letter-


Dear Governor Kemp,

Please review Senator Ligon’s Report on the election.

Please Call a special Session to rectify this stolen Election in Georgia.

I would be forever supportive of any of your future endeavors.






PUBLISHED:12/9/20  DURATION: 48minutes

BlazeTV has never been more vital to the protection of freedom of speech than now. There is a very dangerous misconception lurking on the Left and among the Big Tech elite that only “true” speech deserves protection as free speech. So Big Tech companies have appointed themselves the ultimate truth detectors. They want to hook every tweet, every Facebook post, every YouTube video up to their lie detector test machine. And if their algorithms detect anything that doesn’t align with their left-wing dogma, then it is "false" and can be labeled, censored, or deleted to protect you from thinking for yourself. Glenn reveals the fact-checking fascists' disturbing ties to China and how George Soros' fingerprints are all over Facebook's version of its own Supreme Court. Death by fact-checking is how Big Tech plans to kill free speech, but BLEXIT founder Candace Owens won't go down quietly. She joins to tell Glenn why she's suing Mark Zuckerberg and gives an update on her latest victory in the battle against Big Tech.


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