HALF-MAD - 56.3% of Young White Liberal Women Diagnosed with Mental Illness, and Stefan Molyneux on Women.

HALF-MAD: Pew Study Shows 56.3% of Young White Liberal Women Diagnosed with Mental Illness.

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Bill Whittle

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A Pew Research Center study shows that 56.3% of young white liberal women have been diagnosed with a mental illness — about twice the rate of their conservative counterparts. [See links to referenced resources at https://bit.ly/3ditJkI​ ] Meanwhile, most conservatives live in the kind of safe, kind, bountiful Utopia that Progressives say they want. Can we help our Liberal neighbors see that their dreams have already come true? Moving Back to America with Bill Whittle is a production of our Members, who access dozens of monthly shows, backstage content, Members-only comments, blog posts and forum, starting at $9.95/month. Join us now at https://BillWhitte.com


Referenced Resources: Over 50 Percent of White Liberal White Women Under 30 Have a Mental Health Issue. Are We Worried Yet? [Elizabeth Condra, Evie Magazine, April 13, 2021]

Number One with a Bullet, [Bill Whittle,  Firewall, January 23, 20215]



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