Exposing the True Inflation Rate- 10% This Year, 10% Last Year. The Chapwood Index. Peter Schiff and Adam Taggart.

Exposing the True Inflation Rate- The Chapwood Index. Peter Schiff and Adam Taggart.


Soaring CPI Shocks Clueless Investors and Economists


Peter Schiff

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CPI numbers shock expectations. Biggest monthly gain in #CPI since 1981. Gasoline supply chain disrupted by ransomware hack. Price gouging alleviates shortages. Unemployed workers shouldn’t be picky. Disincentivizing people from jobs is not good for the economy. #Dogecoin traders buy the rumor and sell the fact on Elon Musk SNL appearance. Accolades have gone to Cathie Woods’ head. #ARKK will likely make a new 52 week low this year. CNBC continues to ignore emerging markets, value stocks, and gold. The people saying sub-prime was contained in 2008 are the same people saying inflation is transitory now. Thanks Raycon!. Go To https://buyraycon.com/gold for 15% off your entire Raycon order. RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/PeterSchiff/... SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER: https://www.europac.com/ Schiff Gold News: http://www.SchiffGold.com/news Buy my newest book at http://www.tinyurl.com/RealCrash Follow me on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/PeterSchiff Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/PeterSchiff Follow me on Instagram: https://Instagram.com/PeterSchiff


Exposed! The Hidden Inflation Eating Your Money

Chapwood Index calculates the true cost of living is 5x what the government reports. Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, it’s harder and harder to get ahead? There’s a good explanation for that. And it’s maddening. The government intentionally and dramatically underreports the true cost of living, and that fake low number is what most employers use when they set the wages they pay. So your paycheck isn’t growing nearly as fast as it needs to in order to stay ahead of inflation. Mar 12 2021 

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