CCP Virus Update- Young People are Dying of Strokes, John Stossel- Coronavirus Overreach and My Brother’s Life-saving Discovery.

CCP Virus Update- Young People are Dying of Strokes, John Stossel- Coronavirus Overreach and My Brother's Life-saving Discovery.

  • John Stossel- Coronavirus Overreach and My Brother's Life-saving Discovery
  • CCP Virus Update- Young people are dying of strokes
  • Addiction: You Will Be Freed


Coronavirus Overreach

John Stossel

Governments pass ever more restrictive rules in the name of saving us. How many of these rules are helpful? ---- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up here: ---- In Encinitas, California, police gave $1000 tickets to people inside cars-- watching the sunset. Surfers were arrested, despite being far from anyone. Such excessive restrictions may even do harm, by preventing people from getting exercise. Michigan's governor condescended to allow big stores to stay open, but told them they must not sell "carpet, flooring, furniture, garden centers, plant nurseries, or paint.” The stores had to rope off those aisles. These rules are arbitrary, and excessive. Sweden took the opposite approach, reasoning that isolating people blocks the creation of “herd immunity,” the long term solution to new contagious diseases like Covid-19. In Europe, many countries are relaxing rules and starting to r



My Brother's Life-saving Discovery

John Stossel

Cumbersome FDA regulations delay new drugs. It generally takes at least 10 YEARS to bring a new drug to market. The pandemic got regulators to say they'll speed things up -- but their process still holds up promising treatments. I know about this first hand, because now I’m trying to help get a new treatment approved. ---- Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up here: —— Years ago, my older brother Tom, a medical researcher, discovered a protein called gelsolin that may save some people with diseases like Covid-19, pneumonia, & sepsis. It's being worked on by Tom's old company, BioAegis: Gelsolin reduces excess inflammation. That should help Covid-19 patients, because many die NOT from the virus itself, but because their body’s own immune response causes too much inflammation. That destroys organs. Despite gelsolin's promise, even very sick patients can't get access to it because it’s still winding its way through the FDA's regulations. Gelsolin got through animal studies, and also passed some human safety tests. But it can’t be given to patients until it passes all FDA’s tests. That usually takes years. My brother died last year, so I’m now trying to help BioAegis raise funds to cover the FDA’s tests. The video above explains more about Tom, gelsolin, and BioAegis' efforts to get it into further FDA-required trials.



Coronavirus Pandemic Update 61: Blood Clots & Strokes in COVID-19; ACE-2 Receptor; Oxidative Stress

MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

COVID-19 Update 61 with critical care specialist Roger Seheult, MD of Thrombosis (blood clots), strokes, and myocardial infarctions are mysterious complications for some patients with COVID-19. Dr. Seheult discusses a recent case study involving a 72-year-old with elevated d-dimer and plasma Von Willebrand factor, and goes on to illustrate a hypothesis for how downregulation of ACE-2 may result in oxidative stress. This process may put patients with underlying elevated levels of oxidative stress (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc.) at the greatest risk for severe COVID-19 infection. To share ideas, questions, and evidence-based information, please visit our MedCram Communities. We will be reviewing these regularly for questions and topic ideas to address in future videos. You will need a free profile to join the discussion: COVID-19 Community: MedCram Community: Links referenced in this video: Johns Hopkins - Worldometer - Thrombosis Research - PubMed - Washington Post - Clotting Cascade - WebMD - JAMA - Some previous videos from this series (visit for the full series): - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 60: Hydroxychloroquine Update; NYC Data; How Widespread is COVID-19? - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 59: Dr. Seheult's Daily Regimen (Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC) - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 58: Testing; Causes of Hypoxemia in COVID-19 (V/Q vs Shunt vs Diffusion) - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 57: Remdesivir Treatment Update and Can Far-UVC Disinfect Public Spaces? - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 56: What is “Forest Bathing” & Can It Boost Immunity Against Viruses? - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 55: How COVID-19 Infection Attacks The Immune System & Differs From HIV: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 54: COVID-19 Antibody vs. PCR Testing; When to Relax Social Distancing?: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 53: Anticoagulation; Can Mechanical Ventilation Make COVID 19 Worse?: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 52: Ivermectin Treatment; Does COVID-19 Attack Hemoglobin?: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 51: State by State Projections; Ultrasound to Diagnose COVID19 Pneumonia: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 50: Dip in Daily New Deaths; Research on Natural Killer Cells & COVID-19: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 49: New Data on COVID-19 vs Other Viral Infections (Ventilator Outcomes): - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 48: Curve Flattening in California, PPE in the ICU, Medication Trials: - Coronavirus Pandemic Update 47: Searching for Immunity Boosters & Possible Lessons From Spanish Flu: -Coronavirus Pandemic Update 46: Can Hot/Cold Therapy Boost Immunity? More on Hydroxychloroquine - How Coronavirus Kills: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) & Treatment: Many other videos on COVID-19 (coronavirus outbreak, coronavirus symptoms, influenza, coronavirus epidemic, corona virus updates, coronavirus vaccine, boosting the immune system, vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC, n-acetyl cysteine, Insomnia, PPE, hydroxychloroquine, ultrasound to diagnose COVID-19, coronavirus New York) and other medical topics (ECG Interpretation, strokes, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, hypercoagulation, hypertension, anticoagulation, DKA, acute kidney injury, influenza, measles, mechanical ventilation, etc.) at Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. MedCram provides videos to a variety of medical schools, education programs, and institutions (please contact us at if you are interested) Media Contact: Media contact info: MedCram medical videos are for medical education and exam preparation, and NOT intended to replace recommendations from your doctor. #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Coronavirus


Article mentioned-

Young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying of strokes



Addiction: You Will Be Freed

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all can be transformed, cleansed, and freed from addiction. Read the entire address from Elder M. Russell Ballard: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints





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